You came along and made my life a song!

I'm Lily, basically a fangirl, madly in love with Alexandra Elizabeth Kingston ♡ PROUD KINGLET ♡ She's my role model!! So many OTPs so little time: Mattex, McReedus, Tatennant, Yowzah, Caryl, Rizzles, Johnlock, Sherlolly

"It's wrong for women to be constantly shy and embarrassed about their bodies. There are so many images of unattainable beauty that are so destructive. It's important to show how your body really is. As the cliche has it, beauty comes from within." - Alex Kingston 🌈

Doctor Who Challenge Day 6: Favourite Special Episode - The Day Of The Doctor 

That’s not true. Not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I’m going. Where I’ve always been going. Home. The long way around.’